Thursday, 31 July 2008

Card Challenge

When there's a challenge ... what can I do but create! Thanks to the wonderful (and funny) Joyce from Just Joyce I took up the challenge to create a card just using scraps. If you are like me, throwing away anything is very hard - everything can ALWAYS be used, at least that's what I think at the time. But, I do have to get a ruthless otherwise I would have so much scrap junk that there would be little room for anything else! And besides, keeping track of it becomes a nightmare.

So, thank you to Joyce, I grabbed a blank card (which happened to be yellow) and then delved into my scrap drawers and simply created this card.

I very rarely buy cards - it only happens if I am disorganised and run out of time to make one for a special occasion. I love to create a unique card for those people in my life who are important. I also like to have a stock of home made cards on hand. Using up all the bits and pieces that I have and creating some snazzy designs is so fulfilling. And best of all, I love spending time with my beautiful daughter Jenelle, sitting together creating and chatting ...

Why not organise a card making session with friends - each of you brings along your scraps and bits and pieces (ribbon, buttons, odd embellishments etc) to share. Saves having to plan for a crop session and you can get heaps done.

Or, have a Christmas Card crop in the next few weeks - get an early start and avoid the Christmas rush! Here are some I have made from scraps...

Happy scrappin!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Scrappy Weekend Wonders

It's been a busy weekend and I've managed to complete two more challenges. I am finding it good to have some 'organised' scrapping to do. It makes it easier to do the layout when there is a goal. Yesterday I spent the day at Paper Heaven and apart from having a good chuckle and gossip with my scrapping friends Dorothy, Alex and Lyn, I felt quite productive. Just goes to show what a bit of pre-planning does!!

Here are the challenge layouts I have completed:

One of the biggest problems with uploading layouts is the actual scanning. I find that getting the depth and detail is not always easy get accurately. I have found that my HP Officejet gives quite a good scan and then I use the ArcSoft Panorama Maker program to stitch the images. This is a really easy to use program, available for Windows and Mac, and it is not expensive.

Photoshop Elements 6 also has a Panorama Merge. This is also fairly easy to use if you have this program. This is the one I use with my Mac, but I'm not happy with the quality of my Lexmark scanner. It leaves a shadow and blur in the middle of the scan.

Here are some links to help with scanning and stitching layouts for you to upload:

HP Website and also Two Peas. But if you would prefer to photograph your layouts, check out this article from ScrapJazz - 'Skip the Scanner'.

This week, my goal is to get 10 Christmas Cards done - I was supposed to do 5 last week but time escaped me. I am also eagerly awaiting my new Cuttlebug embossing and cutting folders to use with my 2008 Christmas cards. The newly released range is absolutely fantastic! Check these out - Lace Tree, Christmas Ornaments, Embossing Borders - With Love and Frills and also Embossed Treetops. Hopefully, next Sunday I will be reporting my card completion goal as being achieved!

I used Sizzix Alpha Dies with the Cuttle bug on the weekend and was absolutely delighted with the ease they cut. Think I will check out some of these sets in future - the Cuttlebug Alphas are very limited. Here is a PDF file that explains how to use the other dies in the Cuttlebug machine.

Until next time ...

Thursday, 24 July 2008

What an Honour!

Woo hoo! I've just recieved my very first accolade for my work and I feel both honoured and humble! I belong to the No Crap Just Scrap group and I won the Cybercrop Challenge No.2 for the month of July!

Here is my layout -

The colours in the scan aren't as vibrant as they really are - I need to work out the way to scan properly so that the colour is even and not distorted with the lumps and bumps from the embellishments on the page.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mothers Day Photo Tag

This year has been very busy on all fronts, I now have three beautiful grand-daughters to love and to create for. I made a Tag Set for my daughter Jenelle, for Mothers Day. It was so cute and very easy to make - thanks to the Buzz & Bloom 'Tabbed Book Kit:Circles". Here it is ...

Aren't they the most gorgeous girls!! I think so!


Procrastination is such a waste of time and energy - just thinking about doing anything certainly doesn't get anything done ... so I have found out. So, post number three in 10 months, here I come. Boy has alot changed in those 10 months and best of all my dream of having more opportunity to create has been fulfilled.

I am now in the throes of developing my own business, having 'broken' away from working with my husband, Rob. We are still together personally - I have just moved in a different direction professionally and have finally been able to use my skills and creativity in something I am passionate about - scrapbooking and papercrafts.

So, what is it you say? I have developed a website that will provide a pivotal role in promoting and showcasing the Australasian Papercraft Industry ... from designers, manfacturers, distributors, retailers and teachers through to the crafters themselves. Scrapbook Hub is my baby and on September 1st it will be presented to the public. It's all very exciting and very scary at the same time.

It is a very large resource that will focus on user contributions. Over the next few weeks, I will be making calls for contributions ... so watch this space!!