Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Little Monkey Mini Album

I did say that I would be posting some completed mini albums to share, and finally I am bringing one for you.
This album was created with an idea from Patricia Viramontes via You Tube, using a file folder.  I chose two green foolscap folders to use with papers I got from Aldi called Playtime Papers.  It all lent itself to an album for a little boy.
I made most of my own embellishments as well as some paper from Echo Park which I cut into photo mats or journalling mats.
Using the green papers was a bit of a challenge as I found it harder to match things up.  In the end, it is quite a simple way to make a 'simple' mini album.  The paper is quite busy and bright, but overall I am happy with the result.

And here are most of the mats/tags I have in the album.  I hope you have gained some inspiration and ideas from this share, if you have let me know.
I also have a You Tube video posted below which will take you through the pages.

Thank you for visiting, till next time ...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Say Something Nice Sunday

A very warm Sunday - which is great because those of us who work can actually enjoy the beautiful weather on our day off! It was warm enough for Lily have a splash around in the baby bath.

I have been working on a mini album that I started over 12 months ago and now it is finally finished. I was using a paper bag album that I bought on eBay about 5 years ago and felt a bit limited by it as it was stitched. But, I am happy with the result. I will put some pictures up in the next couple of days.

The class with Mariana really inspired me, now I want to do some hinged albums using her techniques. I also want to get back into my own scarpping using the heaps of photos I have accumulated over the past couple of years ... but what do I do first?

So what positivity can I share today -

♥ Shared a wonderful evening with friends last night, sitiing outside under the pergola till dark, enjoying the fresh air and good company.

♥ Tidied up my scrap space today and did some rearranging.  We have a double garage and I use one side to store my craft things and have my table set up there.  It's great as I can make as much mess as I want and can close the door on it till I'm ready to clean it up.

♥ I am looking forward to my cousins coming out from the UK next month.  I had such a great time with them last year when I was in London.

♥ I just love Pinterest! There are so many clever, creative people in the world who are not recognised for their amazing talent, this is a great avenue to see and share that 'amazingness.'  So many ideas to re-create!

What has been positive in your life today?

Till next time ...