Sunday, 24 November 2013

Say Something Nice Sunday

I have had an amazing weekend thank you to some wonderful people in my life. Saturday started with a beautiful little girl aka Miss Lily, brightening my morning with her joyful enthusiasm.  The afternoon took me to an environment that I didn't think I'd enjoy, but did, at my gorgeous neice's Bachelorette Party where I had fun with some wonderful female friends and family.  This was followed by an evening in the city of more fun female social time.

Sunday has proved to be just as amazing with an attendance at a book launch by another amazing woman, Inna Segal, whom we have known for a long time.  After that incredible experience, I was whisked away by my loving husband to Grumpy's in Fitzroy where we were entertained by an Argentinian Mambo Band whilst sipping wine and watching some passionate dancers bopping around on the floor.

And all this was preceded by a weekend of more family connection where I enjoyed the company of some special people visiting from UK!

So, there's alot to be thankful for right now -
♥ I am surrounded with so many remarkable people around me that enrich my life

♥ I am blessed with my family ties

♥ We live in an amazing city where there are so many contrasts and I can ever say I am bored with nothing to do

♥ There is always more to learn about life, love and living

♥ When trust and faith are around, so much opens up

So, what are you grateful for right now?

Till next time ...