Sunday, 29 September 2013

Say Something Nice Sunday

The sun is shining again today although the breeze is a bit on the chilly side.  It's definitely Spring weather - warm, windy, raining, cool - and all in one day!

So what have I enjoyed his weekend -

♥ What a weekend, the football has now finished for the year with the Grand Final yesterday. A good day to sit in the warm comfort of our lounge room to watch the game. One day we'll be there cheering for our loved Bombers.

♥ Last night we ventured into the CBD for a bit to eat and to soak up some of the excitement of the big game.  We headed to Hardware Lane, known for its food and music, and sat outside under a warm heater. There were lots of Fremantle fans around, a few noisy Hawthorn fans and a couple of footballers passing through.

♥ Losing my car at a local shopping centre (that I don't go to very much) meant I discovered some retail stores that I didn't know were there - one that I was only thinking about a couple of days ago! I did find where I had parked eventually!

♥ I am lucky with what I have in my life and everything is perfect, whether it is a blessing or a challenge, just as it should be.

Till next time ...

Monday, 23 September 2013

Snapshots Mini Album Finished!

Wow, this has been a task of patience and perseverance and I've finally completed an album of multi-faceted pages and inserts.  Thank you Mariana Brulja for the challenge, I've learnt many things and now have more ideas under my belt to incorporate into my future projects.

I can't believe that some of the ladies completed the pages during the all-day class - it's taken me at least 4 days to get this done!  But, I am extremely pleased with the finished product.  There are so many nooks and crannies that I had to keep going through the pages to make sure I had completed each surface.
So here is a share with some of the pages - this is a long post ...
I started with a Smash Book cover, added brown cardstock and products from the Simple Stories 'Vintage Bliss' collection (plus a few journalling cards I already had). 
I made five pocket pages with flips and added pockets using the card stock, then added the pattered paper, made up inserts, used embellishments here and there, added three plastic pocket pages and here it is ...

 It is very thick!
The cover is sweet with simple embellishments. The first page has a large insert.
Which flips up to reveal more pages.
Which then opens into even more pages.
 And even more pages, with even more inserts.
The second page is a bit simpler with three pockets (now I've realised I need to make another insert for the middle pocket) wher inserts are added for journalling and photos.
The back has a simple side pocket as well as a small page for journalling. It is followed by a plastic pocket page with four inserts.
Then the next pocket page has two small pockets on one of the front flip pages.
 The two flip pages - one to the top and the other to the bottom - opens up to two envelope type pockets.
 And each one contains an insert for photo or journalling.
 The bottom pocket ...
 The back starts with two flip pages.
 Which open up to reverse pages and a big page and insert.
After another plastic pocket page, the next page has two insert pockets - one that extends to the bottom of the page and the other that is half page.
 The back has a flip page ...
with two pocket inserts underneath.

Which opens up to another insert page.
 The next pocket page has three small pockets with inserts for journalling or photos.
 The back of that page has a small flip page, followed by a large flip pageand another insert page.

And, this isn't every page! But what fun I had!

Till next time ...

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Say Something Nice Saturday

Wow, last post was March - 6 months ago! And now, the days are lengthening again as Spring brings warmth, rain and a sense of lightness.  Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons as the days are much milder and the colours are stunning.

So what positive things does today bring -

♥ This weekend gives me time to focus on doing the things I love with paper and paste, tucked away in my craft room (especially good as the sunshine streams in the window). I can get lost in my own world and forget those things that create negativity in life.

♥ Finishing my Sunshine Album that I started last week in a class at the local scrapbooking/papercraft store.  It's an amazing book with lots and lots of hidden pages and pockets, nothing I've done before.  I will share it when it is complete.

♥ Sharing quality time with my supportive husband/partner who puts up with my ups and downs and still oves me.

♥ Enjoying a warm, sunshiny weekend exploring the countryside and local area.

What can you find positive to reflect upon today?