Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Fortnight's Worth of Chatter

Life moves along so quickly and I am very aware of how it is so important to treasure every moment. Just to be able to stop, breathe, be in the now and be grateful is something I must remind myself to do. It is too easy to get caught up in the 'busyness' of everyday living and neglect the things that matter most to me. I am making it my intention to give myself 15 minutes every day to just breathe in my life and give gratitude for everyone and everything that make my life the wonderful experience that it is.

I have done very little personal scrapping - I started my Christmas cards yesterday with a friend who is just starting her creative journey. When I say started, I literally mean started cos that's all I did - I certainly didn't finish anything! But, the room is set up with my Christmas supplies and so I can get a bit done every now and then when I can grab myself some moments to create.

Last weekend, I spent Sunday with some wonderful, wise women creating my new vision board. It was a day that provided motivation, challenge, support and encouragement. We sat overlooking Port Phillip Bay, and even though it was cold and wet, it was such a peaceful energy. I didn't have specific intentions when I started but found myself drawn to certain areas - getting myself organised was a big one and one that surprised me.

I have been busy with the site - keeping a check on its use and making sure that everything runs smoothly. So far, the few problems have been minor and easy to correct. It is great to see the activity with both the Forum and Gallery - some amazingly talented women out there! If you haven't made it over, go and check it out - lots of resources with more being added all the time. I am looking for suggestions also!

Whilst on my research travels I came across a site called Creating Intentions. What a great way to manifest your desires through scrapbooking. But it does make sense doesn't it! Creating my vision board was a bit like creating a layout.

As I have no fresh layouts to share right now, I thought I'd show you some photos of my scrap space.

This was my very first space in a very tiny room, as you can see by the way the desk (sewing table) stretches from one wall to the other.

The next images are the room I have right now - and notice how tidy it is! It's not like that at the moment!

So there you have it for now ... so until next time ...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Another Birth Day!

It's finally happened - is now alive and well! Nine months of planning, researching, designing, communicating ... a lot longer than I realised it would take ... has now come to fruition. Thank goodness this birth was relatively painless - just a click of the mouse!

Something I have always wanted - somewhere to find all the resources and information that I need when I want some inspiration, some motivation and anything specific to what I am doing. A font to suit my layout. A title to give it spark. A design to suit my photographs in number and size. Some ideas for when I am stuck. Some supplies or tools to help me create. A site that would give me much information in the one place - in the past have spent hours looking for something going from site to site and blog to blog. So now here it is - one site to find everything any papercrafter could possibly require - with more to come!

I have a talented and passionate team just bursting to provide lots more inspiration, stimulation and enthusiasm into the papercraft world. I welcome Karen Yates, Vicki Brunner, Deanne Stewart-Mills and Sara Noendeng! Welcome to the team!

After working for long hours over the past few weeks, I was able to enjoy some social time over the weekend. Friday night Rob and I chatted with a few friends over drinks at the Aria Lounge in the Langham Hotel in the city. After the others left, we stayed on an enjoyed a sumptuous smorgasbord meal in their Melba restaurant. The food range was amazing and fresh. Anything cooked was done on the spot - I'd certainly go back there again!

Saturday I spent with my scrapping buddies at Paper Heaven - it was good to get back into some hands on creating! Then Saturday night we went to an Egyptian themed party hosted by friends heading off for a trip to Egypt on Wednesday this week. I went as a belly dancer (with a covered belly!) courtesy of a friend who has done belly dancing. It's certainly not a quiet outfit! Now I know what the cat feels like with her bell! Rob piked out of a full costume but I managed to tie a cot sheet around his head so at least looked as he had made an effort! I didn't get any photos as our camera is playing up right now - isn't that always the way!

This morning Rob and I went for a 15km ride on our bikes, with a head wind most of the way! It makes even little hills feel like Mt Everest! My legs feel a bit tired right now! It was a beautiful morning, the sun was warm but not too hot and Melbourne in spring is just a glorious site. It's such a different view going along the roads on a bicycle. Tomorrow will be interesting as the Boxing Circuit class I go to on Monday morning is full on but I think I will need to be kind to myself and pace myself a bit more.

No shares tonight - I haven't completed the layouts from the weekend. Hopefully there will be something to share later in the week. So make sure you head off the and get your teeth into some of the great resources. Please let me know what you think about the site - suggestions and feedback are most appreciated!

So, until next time ...

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Happy Birthday Nell & Rob!

We've had two birthdays in our family this week - Nell celebrated her birthday on Sunday 5th and Rob's was yesterday.

I spoke to Nell on Sunday morning, just before she went out to lunch with her girls and Justin, Justin's parents and her father. Both Ella and Sophie bought her chocolate which apparently Sophie ate! She is such an amazingly exuberant little being, so full of life!

But, I am a bad wife and partner, I have been so focused on getting the website up and going that I completely forgot Rob's birthday until yesterday morning. So he had no present and not even a card from me!!! But, I will surprise him on the weekend with a night out on Friday and a present. So not all is lost!

Below is one of the few layouts I have with Rob in it - it is usually him behind the camera. Photography is not one of my strong points!

And this one is a life collage of Nell - what a gorgeous woman!

Well, lots of exciting things happening right now ... so watch this space on Friday!

So, till then ...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wednesday wonderment ... is there such a word!

Isn't it amazing how some things just happen magically! Yesterday was a day of coincidences as Deepak Chopra calls them and I am feeling blessed (sorry, it's not meant to be a religious term!). I just know that when good things fall into your path it is a that you are heading in the right direction and that's how I feel right now. The whole day culminated in me finding a shiny, new $2 coin on the footpath last night - I thought it was a 5c piece! I always remember a wise man saying that we should never decline a gift - no matter how small it is - and even a small coin is a gift and a message. So for me, finding that a 5c coin was really $2 gave me such a gift! So now - to get the message! What would that be for you? I invite you to leave a comment!

On the creating front, below are the four Olympics ATC's I did for NCJS. I covered the card with gold tissue paper, using the Jo Sonja Sealer, I first covered the card with the sealer then I scrunched the tissue paper and put it over the mixture. Keeping it scrunched, I then re-applied the sealer over the top of the tissue. I had lovely gold fingertips!

Using NOBO Overhead Projector Transparency Film purchased from Officeworks, I printed the peace dove, the Beijing Logo and the Olympic Rings. I trimmed these and then used double-sided tape to adhere them over the gold tissue. To cover the tape, I cut strips of textured gold paper and applied this over the top.

I used gold heat embossing powder (so much fun to do!) on the Peace Dove. The printed Olympic Coin image was trimmed and I printed the English and Chinese translation of One World One Dream on textured cardstock. I edged these with gold stamping ink.

On the Olympic Rings Card I attached a small Chinese Coin with gold Christmas string and used a gold pen to write over the words Faster Higher Stronger. Even I really had to think about what I was going to do on each card (as we had to make 4) it was fun in the end!

Here is a layout using the Creative Memories Circle Templates - I do them, they are so easy to use. I hear the blades are now available in a swivel version which will make them even easier to use! I also used Heidi Swapp Ghost Letters which still stand out over the white base. I'm so looking forward to Heidi's Create08 Day being held in Melbourne on 16th December - all booked out now though.

The white card looks greyish bit it is a lovely crisp white in reality. I used the complimentary tones of green and pink and the ribbons made a beautiful match.

Grace took this photo of herself - when i ask her to do something for me it never works out the same! Darn! I'm not good with the camera, my creativity doesn't extend there - but I am determined to learn!

Thanks for reading on! So, till next time ...