Thursday, 17 February 2011

A different crafting exercise

I've always wanted to do patchwork only I don't think I have the patience and it seems to take forever to complete.  Although I am quite particular about finishing things properly, I am also prone to say "that will do!"

But there are some amazing pieces produced by some amazing quilters/sewers that I've seen in my travels.

I have two people in my life who are talented quilters, my eldest daughter (who is a whizz at hundred things) and my SIL who has some incredible quilts and quilted pieces that she has designed and sewn.  She also teaches quilting.

So, when I say I'm going to do some quilting, part of me cringes because I always measure myself against these two women.  My work never seems as neat or finished off ... even though I know what I do is worthy.

Having a new grand-daughter about to grace this world, I have completed a cute coverlet (thanks to Nell for cutting out the shapes and making the gathered petals) for her birth.

It was made with a lot of love and I am very happy with the way it has turned out.  So I am sharing it with you before it is wrapped up and given to its rightful owner!

Till next time ...