Monday, 22 March 2010

One Digi Share & a Laugh

I had a bit of a go with another digi layout.  This was part of a challenge from the NCJS group and as I had little time and no space in my room, I decided to go digi.

This one is about the 80's.  It was fun to do - I had lots of memories coming back as I checked out the decade between 1980 - 1989.

You know it's the 80's when ...
  • You thought mullets looked good
  • You know all the songs in the "Jazz Singer"
  • You fell in love with "An Officer & A Gentleman"
  • You ooohed and aaahed in "Dirty Dancing"
  • You went "Back to the Future"
  • You had a Cabbage Patch Kid ... a Rubix Cube ... and played Trivial Pursuit
  • Video Killed the Radio Star
  • You asked "Who killed JR?"
  • You "Walked Like an Egyptian"
  • You wor shoulder pads under everything!
  • You wore matching leotards, leg warmers and headband to the gym
  • You sang and danced to Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
Bringing back memories??

Here is a hilarious video that I had been searching for - I'd seen it about 12 months ago and chuckled all the way through it.  Seeing it again didn't dampen my mirth!  Hope you enjoy it ...

Till next time ...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Don't Quit!

We were lucky to escape the major hail storm last Saturday - the rain was torrential and we did get some hail.  The only real damage was that the hail ripped our BBQ cover, tore through the meshing on the pergola and one of our outside lights no longer works.

I was driving and luckily missed the hail stones - the roads were flooded and a few times visibility in the downpour was difficult.  When I arrived back home, this is what I saw ...

In the front garden, it looked like snow.

The side verandah - the hail must have come in sideways!

Lots of ice and water!

It seems like my crafting just isn't happening!  Somewhere along the path I have lost my mojo ... and there are so many things competing for my time and energy!  I am planning to get stuck into making some Altered Journals and I am determined to organise time regularly to get them done.  So, watch this space ...

In the meantime, this video is a reminder that giving up is not an option ... enjoy ...

Till next time ...