Friday, 24 November 2017

New Blog

I have a new blog - MY CREATING PLACE - please visit me there! I have been having too much trouble with logging onto this one so look forward to connecting with you on my new site!


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Getting my mojo back

Sometimes it feel so frustrating when something I really love doing - pottering in my scrap area - just feels heavy.  I have been struggling with actually getting things done and have found myself procrastinating and time wasting, rather than doing anything constructive or productive. Having also struggled with a bout of the flu didn't help either!

But finally, I have been able to settle myself down and start my catch up of both scrap pages and pocket scrapbooking. I have been doing 'Project Life" for the past four years and have usually been pretty good at keeping fairly close to being 'up to date'. This year, I have been way behind and have had to push myself to get close to the current date. I've finished up to end of June so feeling pretty accomplished right now!

After a 4 week trip in June to UK and Italy, I also now have my travel photos to print and start that album. I'm still contemplating the best way to make a travel album - I'd like to make it a bit different from the one I did in 2012.

Here are some 9x12 layouts I've completed.  I plan to get some photos or a video of my yearly album over the next few days and will post them once they are done.

I used some old supplies I had (I'm on a spending freeze as I have too much stuff, especially papers) on the layout above. Doing a smaller page creates some different challenges!

Again, using old supplies here. I also fussy cut flowers from the border paper to use as embellishments and was quite happy with the result.

Hopefully I will post over the weekend with pages from my 2017 album.

Until next time ...

Monday, 21 August 2017

Back Again - creative shares to post

Life gets in the way of being able to do everything I would like to do! I'm sure no-one else has that problem, hehe!

I have been focussing on Project Life/Pocket Scrapbooking to get through the photographs I have wanted to tell my story, but I have also been doing some full page layouts. As a quick post, here are some of my current finished projects.

This 12x12 layout - Sweet Girl - is a scrap lift from Lilith Eckels.  I love the graduated circle of stars which I cut from scraps I had.

As I have been doing 9x12 with the pocket scrapbooking, I made some 9x12 layouts to be inserted into the albums.  I chose photos that warranted more impact i being placed in a single layout rather than being inserted into a pocket page. I love the layering effect but also like to have some simplicity within the 'clutter'.

Love Is Gold is a mixture of commercial embellishments and also stamps that were die cut The black and white flowers and leaves).  I don't stamp very much although I do have quite a few stamps, so this was a bit of an experiment, which I was happy with the result.

This Is Your Moment was designed around the main embellishment which was cut from a packing box. Some of the flowers were also cut from the patterned paper and placed on the layout.

Overall I feel quite happy with what I have achieved! I hope that my next posts will include some of the pocket pages I have completed this year.

So, until next time ...

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Instagram & Instalife

Instagram is something I keep telling myself I need to connect to - I do have an account but really don't use it! But I know there are many, many people who constantly upload their photos to Instagram. If you are one of those, how do you keep the photos in hard copy? How do you share them with family and friends who don't use Instagram? How do you plan to keep those photos for the future?

Close To My Heart has just introduced Instalife into the range which consists of two stunning albums, cards, and stamps and protectors that are especially made for Instagram photos.  All these products are for a very little outlay!

These charming little albums are perfect for gift giving as either finished albums or partly completed, with the cards added already, and let the recipient add photos they wish to add.

Here is a video that gives a better view of the Instalife Products - thank you to US consultant, Tina Husong for producing the following video -

I'd love to be able to show you these products so please contact me, either by email or Facebook message.

In the meantime, peruse the following products -

So until next time ...

Friday, 16 October 2015

New Layouts

Having just returned to part-time work, I find that my time is more precious and I really need to prioritise my tasks.  But I know many, many women are able to be organised when working, with small (and not so small) children to care for seem to be able to juggle their time effectively ... so I will just do it!

I have been trying to organise my crafting space, in a shared office/play room and will be posting my organised area very soon.  It's a challenge to make sure that what I need is easy to access and that I can pack up things so that my 4yo granddaughter doesn't get into them when I'm not in the room - and that is a challenge!

I have also been organising photographs for both my Project Life Albums and also to re-vitalising my 12x12 journey.  I have found that in the past I have been too critical of my layouts and have also procrastinated too much over the pages. Lately, I have been able to complete the pages quickly (less than 1 day anyway!) and so have felt more like doing 12x12's again.

Her are a couple of 12x12 pages I have completed lately.  I will also post some of my Project Life pages over the next couple of days.

So, until next time ...