Friday, 16 October 2015

New Layouts

Having just returned to part-time work, I find that my time is more precious and I really need to prioritise my tasks.  But I know many, many women are able to be organised when working, with small (and not so small) children to care for seem to be able to juggle their time effectively ... so I will just do it!

I have been trying to organise my crafting space, in a shared office/play room and will be posting my organised area very soon.  It's a challenge to make sure that what I need is easy to access and that I can pack up things so that my 4yo granddaughter doesn't get into them when I'm not in the room - and that is a challenge!

I have also been organising photographs for both my Project Life Albums and also to re-vitalising my 12x12 journey.  I have found that in the past I have been too critical of my layouts and have also procrastinated too much over the pages. Lately, I have been able to complete the pages quickly (less than 1 day anyway!) and so have felt more like doing 12x12's again.

Her are a couple of 12x12 pages I have completed lately.  I will also post some of my Project Life pages over the next couple of days.

So, until next time ...

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